Electric vs. Hybrid

With the recent launch of the Summit Bike Share and the Electric Express (Route 10) Bus, Park City is well on it's way to reaching their goal of "Net Zero Carbon" for Municipal Operations. The Microtransit service would become an extension of the Park City Transit Service and therefore the City has expressed a desire to have the Microtransit Vehicles be 100% Electric. The revised RFP does now, via an addendum, allow for Hybrid Vehicles, but when you look at the costs to operate, it does not make sense to utilize a traditional combustion engine vehicle. 

As required by the RFP, any bids needed to include vehicles that should be fully electric or hybrid vehicles, street legal, and safety-inspected with no fewer than four (4) seats in each vehicle, not including the driver’s. Vehicles should also be able to be equipped with ski and snowboard racks in the winter season, along with appropriate snow tires. For budgetary purposes, the vendor shall provide at least two (2) fully electric vehicle alternatives that satisfy all the above requirements in their bid. As a result of the "winter season" verbiage and for Passenger Safety, we strongly believe that all vehicles must be AWD or 4X4.


As it pertains to the above criteria...

there are only two Fully Electric Vehicles that are also AWD or 4X4... the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X.


While there are a wider variety of Hybride Vehicles that are AWD or 4X4, we took into account the need for additional cargo area for bags, winter clothes, helmets, and boots... and as a result had to exclude some of the smaller/compact vehicles. In addition, due to the Winter Weather, we opted to select SUV style vehicles. This led us to select the 2017 Toyota Highlander Limited Hybrid and the 2017 Acura MDX Hybrid vehicles.

Vehicle Lease Costs

Based on an average of about 220 miles per day per vehicle, we estimate that the vehicles will travel around 80,000 miles per year. Over the course of a 36 month period, this would equate to about 240,000 miles. As a result, it does not make sense to purchase vehicles and instead we opted to look into a 36 Month Floating Libor30 lease for each vehicle.





$1,504.71 / Month for 36 Months




$1,604.81 / Month for 36 Months

model x.png



$1,992.86 / Month for 36 Months





$1,703.14 / Month for 36 Months