Microtransit vs. Point-To-Point

Microtransit is defined by the Federal Transit Authority as IT-enabled private multi-passenger transportation services that serve passengers using dynamically generated routes, and may expect passengers to make their way to and from common pick-up or drop-off points. Vehicles can range from large SUVs to vans to shuttle buses. Because they provide transit-like service but on a smaller, more flexible scale, these new services have been referred to as microtransit. For the purposes of Park City, the goal is make Public Transit more popular by helping close the gap between the "First Mile" (the distance to get to a Public Transit Stop) and "Last Mile" (the distance from the nearest Transit Stop to your Home/Work).

Point-To-Point is defined by taking a direct route from Point A to Point B without going through a Hub or Transit Center. This is the service that taxis, "For Hire" operators, and Transportation Network Companies like Uber and Lyft rely on.

What's The Big Deal?

The Original RFP identified 5 (five) zones and stated that all rides must simply begin from within one of those zones. As a result, many of the "For Hire" Transportation Companies in Park City saw this as a direct form of competition for their business. The Revised RFP was modified to further reduce the possibility of a Point-To-Point ride by requiring all passenger trips must stay entirely within one service area, or zone. In addition to this requirement, all passenger trips must at least either initiate or terminate at a Park City Transit bus stop, with one exception – for those passengers making a trip between two points within the same zone, where both points are a quarter mile or greater away from the nearest bus stop, it is permitted that those passenger trips neither initiate nor terminate at a bus stop. Some of the "For Hire" Transportation Companies are still upset with this modification, but if you look at the pictures below which show areas that are at least .25 miles in distance to the nearest Transit Stop within the same zone... the possibilities of finding two location that are outside of this distance is very rare.

In addition to the "quarter mile radius" restriction, the Revised RFP was also modified to restrict use from 8:00AM to 8:00PM for the Microtransit service. Any rides falling outside of this time window or outside of the above restrictions would not be eligible for a "Free Ride" and would therefore have to select one of the "Paid Rides" available from the same app.