On Thursday, August 24, 2017, we were informed by Park City's "Transportation Planning Manager" that we were one of three finalists for the Microtransit RFP. We were scheduled for a Final Interview / Presentation with members of the "Selection Committee" on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 30, 2017. We feel that what we have proposed goes above and beyond the original Scope of Service from the RFP and could be one of the lowest costs--hence more "Bang for the Buck". We'd love to have the opportunity to show the City what we are capable of doing. It is our understanding that the "Selection Committee" will make their decision by the end-of-day on Friday, September 1, 2017 and their recommendations will be made at the Thursday, September 14, 2017 Park City City Council Meeting.

We've always stated from Day #1 that we will be fully transparent, so with that said, here is the Presentation Deck that we presented for our "Final Interview" to the "Selection Committee":




What Are We Proposing?

First and foremost, we are strong advocates of keeping as much of any business local as possible. We feel that our team and software platform will create a multi-win solution for the people of Park City, the "For Hire" Transportation Companies, the Environment, and Park City.

We have submitted to RFPs to the City...

1) Electric Vehicles + On Demand Transportation App + Microtransit

2) Existing For Hire Vehicles + On Demand Transportation App + Microtransit

At the end of the day we realize that the biggest financial cost and risk is the Electric Vehicles. While we are confident that the Microtransit service will succeed, we feel that it is best to start with the existing "For Hire" (non-Electric) vehicles for the six month trial and gather data and to judge overall use. We compare this to the recent launch of the Summit Bike Share. I don't think anyone would have dreamed of the overwhelming success of the program in the first few weeks. Obviously the cost for a 100% Electric Vehicle is far more expensive than an eBike. We feel it is best for the City to proceed by "dipping their toes" into the pool and seeing the results. If after the first few months the use is great, then we can feel more comfortable with the investment of the Electric Vehicles. If not, the City can keep the "On Demand" App and utilize it for the public.

Our Formal Submission to the City

 Our Formal Response to the Request For Proposal

Our Formal Response to the Request For Proposal

The RFP called for one document ("The Response") (above) that outlined your overall vision or proposal... but it was not to include ANY PRICING. That document was to be delivered on a USB Thumb Drive.

The RFP also called for a ("The Proposal") (below) to be submitted via sealed envelope. That envelope would have all your pricing and details of how you reached your price.

You may be saying to yourself "Teslas / Electric Vehicles... that cost is ridiculous"... but when you look at the breakdown between "Proposal #1" and "Proposal #2", taking into account that "Proposal #2" will result in the "Microtransit" rides being subsidized as a rate of $12 - $15 per ride, the amount spent on "Proposal #1" is basically a fixed amount, whereas, with "Proposal #2" the amount can vary month-to-month, and if as successful as the Summit Bike Share, may actually end up costing significantly more than if "Teslas / Electric Vehicles" were to be used. How can this be... well, we have broken it down for you to see... just CLICK HERE.



In an effort to be fully transparent, we are posting all of our research, documents, and supporting material