Fixed Monthly Operating Costs & Advertising

The RFP also asks how the Vendor will advertise and market the service, based on conservative estimates we propose the following:

KPCW Radio: $1,500/Month

Park City Television: $1,500/Month

Park Record: $2,000/Month

Facebook Ads: $1,200/Month

Promotional Free Rides ($10 Off x 500/Month): $5,000

Dashride App: $800 (There is also a one time set-up fee of $3,600, so if you break down that over six months, it would equate to $600/month additional)

Certified Public Accountant: $500

Additional Safety Net/Buffer: $4,000/Month (covering one time charges like permitting, vehicle wrapping, print ads, etc.)

Total Monthly Operating/Advertising Budget: $17,100

You'll also notice that we are not building in a Manager Salary... and that is because we are willing to donate our time to make this platform a success...that's right, we're going to work for FREE!

In addition, if the City chooses to go with our 2nd RFP (using existing "For Hire" Vehicles), we suggest subsidizing those rides at a cost of $15/ride. We would ask the City for a "bank" of $5,000 and then to re-charge that amount to $5,000 once the balance reaches $1,000 or lower.