Labor Costs

Park City has requested compensation comparisons for scenarios where (1) Drivers receive 100% of their compensation via gratuities and (2) Drivers receive an Hourly Wage.

For purposes of our RFP we considered the following: (1) Tip/Gratuity Only, (2) $10/Hour, and (3) $15/Hour

Based on the vehicles running 12 Hours per Day x 7 Days a Week that gets our Daily Labor per vehicle (regardless if it is Electric or Hybrid) as follows...

Tip/Gratuity Only: $0          II           $10/Hour: $120          II          $15/Hour: $180

Now if you multiple by 30.42 Days (365 Days / 12 Months) you get an average monthly payroll of...

Tip/Gratuity Only: $0          II           $10/Hour: $3,650         II          $15/Hour: $5,475