This FAQ is a work in progress. If you have a question, please email and we will answer you and post the question/answer here as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Mountain Transportation Network better than Uber or Lyft? . . .

Mountain Transportation Network is locally owned and operated. In addition to offering a Microtransit service between your Home/Work and the nearest Transit Stop, our platform will allow you to request a properly insured and licensed vehicle driven by a driver that has had a fingerprint background check (FBI/TSA) for a fare price. Our prices will never surge, unlike Uber and Lyft.

Can I get a ride to the Airport? . . .

You can use any of the Mountain Transportation Network vehicle offerings EXCEPT the Microtransit vehicles for point-to-point rides, including the airport.

Can I reserve a ride with Mountain Transportation Network? . . .

No. Our platform is currently configured to only allow "On Demand" rides. With that said, if you enjoy your ride with one of the local companies you've met through our platform, we encourage you to get their card and book your pre-arranged ride through them directly. We are all about giving back to the community and helping local businesses grow.

What's this I hear about supporting local Non-Profits? . . .

Yup... that's right... in addition to supporting the local "For Hire" Transportation Community, we are also wanting to give back to local Non-Profits. Each month we will select a different local Non-Profit and a portion of each paid fare will go back to that Non-Profit. It's just one more reason to support a local company than Uber or Lyft.

Can Mountain Transportation Network really make a difference in traffic in Park City? . . .

We know we can. On most weekends there are 300+ Uber and Lyft vehicles in the area that are idling around and driving in circles. If we can make our platform a success, with your support, then there will be less rides for Uber and Lyft. In turn less Drivers will drive up here empty... resulting in less cars idling and circling around our neighborhoods.

I like the idea of Microtransit, but I really do not want to wait in the rain/snow for the Bus... . . .

We totally agree and are two steps ahead of you.

Our app will integrate with the Avail Technologies "MyStop" app that Park City uses for their Public Transportation. When you request a Microtransit ride to a Bus Stop you will be prompted to add your "End Point" (so we know the direction that you will be going in. Once your Driver arrives at your Pick-Up Location and they begin the ride, our app will communicate with the "MyStop" app and determine the current location of the nearest Bus in your Zone and where we should drop you off at in order to reduce or eliminate and waiting on your part.

Why do I have to provide a Credit Card... I thought Microtransit was FREE? . . .

Microtransit Rides are 100% FREE, but that doesn't mean you cannot tip your Driver. In addition, when you request a ride that does not meet the criteria for a Microtransit Ride, our app will show the flat-rate price for the ride to be performed by a properly licensed and insured "For Hire" operator. You will be given an option to transit to that type of ride with a tap of your phone. Payments for "Fee Based" rides can be paid either to the credit card we have on file or by giving the Driver cash directly.

Do you provide Car Seats or Booster Seats? . . .

Yes! If you need a Booster or Car Seat, please request the appropriate type of ride/vehicle.

Why are the Microtransit Rides beging done in a Tesla? . . .

Before looking at the type of vehicle, one should understand that options to perform Microtransit first

There are four options:
Do Nothing
Use Existing For Hire Vehicles
Use Hybrid Vehicles
Use Electric Vehicles

The option of "Doing Nothing" is not an option. Traffic in Park City is bad and will only get worse as the City continues to grow.

The option of using "Existing For Hire Vehicles" has the potential to be the most expensive option. In Aspen, Colorado, during the first 11 months of a similar service the City completed 22,022 rides and each ride had an average cost of $17. We propose an $18/Ride subsidary for the "For Hire Driver". The fare need to compensate them for their time and the fact that they may have to drive to a distance far away to pic up the Passenger

The option using "Hybrid Vehicles" actually still costs more than an Electric Solution... because in three years the vehicles have a residual of $0. In addition, "Electric Vehicle" have the need for repairs and these can get very costlty. Lastly, most Gas Powered vehicles will not last for 240,000 miles and need to be replaced.

The option of using "Electric Vehicles" makes the most sense. The monthly cost is less than that of the Hybrid Vehicles and has the lowest travel one mile (3X less than a Hybrid Vehicle and 16.5X less than a traditional "For Hire" vehicle. Once you realize the savings and that Electric Vehicles make the most sense then the next task is to determine the specific vehicle that is appropriate. Due to our winter conditions, we need a 4X4/AWD vehicles and currently the only all-electric to meet this criteria is a Telsa.