Drive With Us

If you work for an existing "For Hire" transportation company or are an "Owner Operator" we would love to have the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the benefits of joining our growing network of companies.

All of our Drivers must provide the following before they are able to join our platform:

  • Motor Vehicle Record Report (CLICK HERE)
  • Business Entity Registered with the State of Utah (CLICK HERE)
  • Obtain Salt Lake City Business License (CLICK HERE)
  • Obtain Park City "For Hire" Business License (CLICK HERE)
  • Upload Photo of Salt Lake City Vehicle Identification Plaque (the Black Metal Decal on the Rear Left of your Vehicle)
  • Upload Photo of Park City "For Hire" Decal (the white Circle Decal) for the current Business Year
  • Photo of the Front, Side, and Rear of the Vehicle (must show Fleet # in at least the Side or Rear photos)
  • Photo of Driver's License with "Z" or "P" Endorsement (must be valid)
  • Photo of Salt Lake City Airport Badge (must be valid)
  • Proof of at least $1,000,000 in Commercial Livery Insurance
  • Name "Mountain Transportation Network" as Additionally Insured (contact us for business address)
  • Banking Information (we'll coordinate that prior to on-boarding of your account)
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Mobile Phone *
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Do you have a valid SLC Airport Badge? *
Do you have a "Z" or "P" Endorsement on your Utah Driver's License? *
Does your vehicle have a "White Circle" decal for Park City? *
Does your vehicle have a "SLC Vehicle Identification Plaque? *
Do you have at least $1,000,000 in Commercial Livery Auto Insurance? *